Invest in cryptocurrency, store, transfer and withdraw your money to your card with NO PROBLEMS!

Be a part of digital future - get your own secure, profitable and advanced financial tool. Cross-border transfers, payment for goods and services, investing in cryptocurrency - all in one Real Wallet, under absolute owner's control


Secure storage

Compliance with PCI DSS security standards, two-factor authentication, recoverable lost password guarantee the safety of funds


Exchange service

Crypto-fiat/crypto-crypto-currencies exchange at a favorable rate without extra fees and charges, with no limits on the size and number of transactions


Credit card use

We are accept any credit or debit card from VISA or MasterCard.



Cryptocurrency is one of the most revolutionary technological leaps since the invention of the Internet. Cryptocurrency completely changes the picture of the financial world, providing freedom and anonymity of transactions, autonomy from banks and regulators, reliability and security of funds storage. Real Wallet is not just a cryptocurrency wallet, but the best service for storing, exchanging and buying cryptocurrencies using bank cards. By registering Real Wallet and passing verification, you get access to the full functionality of the service

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A verified account is first and foremost the security of the client’s funds.

Also, the legalisation of criminal income is due to the openness and accessibility of financial markets and the free movement of capital within them. Therefore, Real Wallet strictly complies with laws and regulations to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

You can easily buy tokens with a debit card or other payment method directly within Real Wallet by clicking “Add funds”. You can request funds from a friend by sending them a payment request showing your QR code in person or by sharing your public address.

Click “Withdraw” under you balance in the account. Choose currency and payment method. 

You can send BTC and tokens from another wallet to a new Real Wallet account. Simply copy your new Real Wallet public address and go to your existing wallet or exchange to send funds to your new wallet address.

Default currencies are: - USD; - EUR; - GBP; -UAH; -RUB; -BTC; -ETH; -USDT;  -TRX. More information you can find by contacting our customer support.

There is currently no hardware wallet support yet. 

During registration create complex password and never pass it to third parties. When entering the password for authorization make sure you are on the web site Change your password every 6 months. And don't forget to enable two factor authentication through the Google app.

If you have any problems using Real Wallet service please contact our customer support at [email protected]. We do our best to solve your issue as soon as possible.

You may register via web-site 

To become a verified user you need to upload passport, ID or any other proof of your identity. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, wire transfers SEPA and SWIFT, crypto currencies.

Yes, payments security is guaranteed with the system which complies with the requirements of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standart).

Intellectual Consulting OU as system administrator strictly monitors compliance with the requirements of European legislation on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

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